in my work.

So sorry for any inconvenience; but I have moved my blog to


Never before have I written anything like this; I only hope I can convey to you what's going on with me.

First of all, I know for a fact that all of my posts will be short and to the point. Since I can't type and have so much difficulty seeing. SO...

I just realized I should have indented for paragraphs. Well too late now, since I don't know how to go back and fix anything!

I am just so thrilled, it is hard to contain. My days are not long enough, nor do I have the energy to keep working all through the night, cause I am just so excited that I have been working on and developing a method of creating my paintings that is making a hugely positive impact on my work!

For many months this year I was largely uninspired to paint. For an artist, if you are not inspired, how can you create?

I never forced myself, because that doesn't work. No good comes of it. But I spent my time observing art and crafters and what they were up to, What kind of supplies were they using? I watched U-Tube videos, and was amazed at the effort these crafters put into creating a single journal page! They were very open to using a variety of materials and layering them for interesting effects.

I was beginning to get some ideas of my own and knew I needed to be creating depth

I am in LOVE with color.

Jen Dacota, Artist & Painter